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January 2021
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Do you want to become a better artist but don't know where to start. Have you thought about going to art school but don't have the financial resources or time? If so this video, podcast, and blog post is for you!

Since I felt this topic was important and I want you to make the things you love and improve on your craft, I created this blog to showcase both the video episode and the podcast (both a little different but have the same information).

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In Episode 8 we got advice from 30 artists, galleries owners, magazine editors, authors, creative business owners, etc answering this question: “If you could give one bit of advice to an artist just starting out what would that be?” This is part 1 of 3. 



1: Follow your heart, not your wallet. – Martine Johanna

2: Make a 5 year plan and write down what your goal is. Be conscious of who you are making art for and why. – Tina Imel

3: To educate yourself with the business side of being an artist. – Maria Pabico LaRotonda

4: Don’t worry about what other people might think. (Except this!) – Jack Lind

5: Do not confine your work or technique within the limitations of the medium. Always experiment and search for new discoveries! Sometimes the best things happen when you push materials to do what they are not traditionally designed to do. – Matthew Dutton

6: Don’t let what is popular or selling in the marketplace dictate your style. – Arabella Proffer

7: Respect the arts. Be appreciative to your supporters. – Patrick Thai  (FB)

8: Never be afraid to try new things, sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone opens a whole new portal to ideas and techniques you might not ever have discovered otherwise. – Danny Bryant

9: It’s not easy… Prepare for it to take over your whole life. – Luna Milly

10: Make sure your skin is thick like a rhino’s. Learn to say “thank you” when someone tells you that your work stinks. Realize that people don’t listen. When you find a collector (or, when a collector finds you), thank them often, and value THEIR opinion. – Flannery Grace Good

11: Get a marketing degree.  Draw/create everyday even if it’s just a doodle. – Karen Preston

12: Be business minded. People are probably not going to just find you because your art is so amazing (even if it is) need to market your work. If you want to make a living as an artist treat it as a business. – Lea Barozzi

13: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. There are always “duds” made in the process to something great! – Janae Corrado

14: There will always be a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity. Learn to rise above it. – Kyle K J Johnson

15: If you want to get into galleries, do the research. Find out if the gallery you want to be shown at is a fit, and then approach the gallery via email, not facebook! Don’t get too dejected if they turn you down. They may not want your work now, but maybe they will later on! – Carisa Swenson

16: Don’t overlook the business of being an artist. Websites, social media, accepting credit cards, responding to email. all these things pull you away from the studio but they are vital. – John De Jesus

17: Be professional in everything you do. – Erich J. Moffitt

18: Experiment, don’t be afraid to ruin it, some of the best discoveries come from taking it beyond what you know and are comfortable with. – Nina Pak

19: Never stop exploring. Work through the blocks because great things are waiting on the other side. – Maria Memmolo Cooper

20: Stick with it, one’s skills are rarely at the same level as their ambition- it takes a lot of time and patience to develop those skills. – Bradley Cahill

21: Be professional. Don’t complain. Learn how to spell. – Ulla Anobile

22: Pay attention to the details when it comes to marketing. Oh… and never stop learning from others!- Jackie Phillips Weatherly

23: I think the number one thing I have told budding artists, is to make sure to never use your influences as the main ingredients, but more like spices when developing your style. – Josh Geiser

24: Do not overbook yourself on commissions and remember that they are coming to you with an idea did they already have in their head and let them know what your idea looks like before you even begin on that commission because it’s going to be completely different and in a complete different style! – Kimberly Ann Art

25: I would say never let any critique stop you from your work. Everyone is unique in their own way. – Douglas Craig

26: You will be rejected more than an old dollar bill in a soda machine. – Karen Preston

27: Focus on creating and practicing and being true to yourself. Style will come – your personal style will be elusive if you look for it or try to force it. – Audrey Smith

28: I think the worst thing to do starting out is copying a highly stylistic artist. Being inspired is fine, but keep in mind what you put out there is what you’re building as a foundation to your career. It’s easy to get stuck, or rest on laurels… you’re best off following your vision and voice the best you can, struggling and finding different avenues to fit it into. As things go on you’ll have much more freedom and build your style/career organically if you dedicate all of yourself. If it takes a waitering job to pay the bills, do whatever it takes to launch what you believe in. Thinking *what’s a style that will make me money* will be one of the biggest regrets of your life. – Matt Dangler

29: To quote Arianna Huffington, “Work as though the entire universe is rigged in your favor.” – Marianne Erickson

30: Patience. – Kolja Steinrötter

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